Keep Life Simple

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." – Confucius

Declutter your life

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An uncluttered life and being left with space for what really matters is a good step towards keeping life simple. A life that isn’t constant, busy and rush, but you have time for reflection, time for the right people and time for simple pleasures.

Decluttering ( my home and life gives me a less cluttered mind. That doesn’t mean I have zero clutter and zero complications. I have possessions, distractions and work. I’m just conscious to reduce the amount of noise in my life and make space for what really matters.

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Decluttering my home meant a more peaceful, minimal life. I spend less time cleaning, maintaining my stuff or looking for things. It’s not how few things we own that matters. It’s whether we make those things count. I realized it was better to have six books on my shelf that I wanted to read than a hundred I’d never get around to.

While I like distractions sometimes, it can be clutter too – filling in every minute of the day with distractions and not leaving room. I found it was easy to fill up life because there are so many things that sound amazing. I’d hear about what others are doing and instantly I wanted to add that to my life. I put too much emphasis on excitement, which usually was temporary and not important. Or I’d chalk it up as being productive, but actually, I was adding so many things to my life and simply cluttering my space. When I started cutting out a huge number of commitments and became choosier with my time my relationships got better. I got healthier and I was happier.

I rather keep my weekends unstructured and unscheduled as best as I can, so I have room for the things that are important to me. Focus, priorities and effectiveness are more important. So is a nice walk with a loved one.

When I finally learned to sit in a quiet room alone with no distractions, I was able to simplify. I began to respect my time more and treat my attention as the most valuable possession I could give as a gift to the people I wanted to most. I give it to the work that matters most.

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